Facebook Ads for Small Business

Are you finding that a lot of your Facebook ads are not converting? If so, the reason could be your landing page.

There are many best practices you should follow when creating a Facebook ad and many businesses are unaware that these relate to the landing page too.

Below you’ll discover some of the most common reasons your landing page could be damaging your campaign.

The importance of clarity

Is your landing page uncluttered and clear? If not, it’s going to confuse and drive away potential customers.

So many businesses direct visitors to a landing page that focuses on multiple objectives. That is, it presents several offers at the same time. A landing page that is dedicated SOLELY to the offer advertised on Facebook will be 100% more effective than one offering numerous deals.

The more confusing the landing page is, the less likely it is to get results. It also has a high percent chance of getting your ad rejected.

The content needs to be relevant

Another common mistake you can make is sending users to a landing page which has absolutely no relevance to the ad. Similar to Google, Facebook requires the landing page to fully reflect the content within the ad.

Even if the social media giant was to accept the ad, it wouldn’t be successful. The key to an effective ad campaign is to ensure it is well-targeted and relevant. If you’re sending consumers to a landing page that has absolutely nothing to do with the ad, you’re not going to make many conversions.

Worse still, you’re actually going to damage your brand reputation which is something that could put you out of business.

No identifying contact information

One of the simplest yet most critical mistakes you can make on your landing page is to not include any contact information.

The ad gained their interest, but it’s the job of the landing page to complete the conversion. It isn’t going to do that if the consumer has no idea how to get in touch with you – this is especially true for local businesses. So, ensuring it features as much contact information as possible is essential.

Many businesses have no idea their landing page has any effect on their Facebook ad. They simply don’t realize it could be the reason why their ad is rejected and even worse, doesn’t convert. So, before you create a campaign, be sure to check Facebook’s ad landing page guidelines.

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