Facebook Ads for Small Business

The re-launch of Facebook Ads Business Manager has proven to be a big hit with marketers. Why? Because it makes managing your ads easier than ever before.

What is Business Manager?

If you want to ensure your ads are working for you, you need to constantly monitor them. If you have several ads running at the same time, this can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

However, the Business Manager tool eliminates a lot of this time and effort, showing you all of your ad campaigns in one place. It allows you to not only view your existing campaigns, but also edit and monitor results.

The tool is largely targeted towards large advertisers who run numerous ad campaigns for several different clients. However, it can also be beneficial to local businesses who want to continue to run several campaigns and easily monitor them.

What can it do for you?

As well as enabling you to see all of your campaigns in one place, Business Manager also links all of your pages, accounts and permissions. So, if you have more than one business page, it’s a convenient tool to use to sync and manage everything in one easy-to-find place.

It also allows you to assign different people to each page, account and campaign. Giving different permissions to various members of your team enables you to assign the right people for each task and also allows you to see exactly who is working on what.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the tool is the fact it helps marketers work faster and better. It greatly reduces the time needed to be spent setting up and managing your marketing efforts.

Finally, it enables you to choose different payment methods for each account. This is especially beneficial if you manage ad campaigns for numerous clients.

Do I need it?

So, it’s clear Business Manager has a wide range of benefits, but is it something your company needs?

If you are the sole person in charge of your Facebook ads and you only have one account, the answer may be no. Adverts Manager may be all you need in this instance. However, if you do have multiple accounts, pages and a large advertising team, Business Manager is highly recommended.

Overall, Business Manager is a very useful tool for larger companies or those advertising for more than one client/company. However, as a small local business, you may find it better to simply use the Adverts Manager or Power Editor.