Facebook Ads for Small Business

Are your Facebook ads failing to convert? The answer could be in your content.

Attracting potential customers is one thing, but getting them to actually make a purchase from you is entirely another. While Facebook ads have the power to bring in millions of potential customers, there are a lot of mistakes you can make when writing them.

Here you’ll discover how to write Facebook ad copy that converts and subsequently boosts your bottom line.

Make sure its relevant

One of the main reasons many Facebook ads fail to convert is because they aren’t relevant to the content they’re linked to. So, if you’re finding you have a high click-through rate, but a low conversion rate in comparison, relevance could be the issue.

Make sure what you write in the ad, accurately reflects what the user is going to receive. If the link from the ad just takes them to your homepage for example, rather than a dedicated landing page related to the ad, your conversion rate will suffer.

Create a compelling headline

As you’re only given 25 characters for the headline, it’s vital you make the most of them.

One of the worst things you can do is use your business name. This is surprisingly common, yet it’s going to prove really ineffective. Why? Because it acts more of a statement than an enticement.

Your jobs here is to make people want to click on the ad and to do that they’re going to need a compelling reason. A great way to do this is to include discount or promotional information such as “50% off all products”. This captures the attention right away and provides a good reason for users to click through.

Include an image

In the world of marketing, images are much more effective than written content. What’s great about Facebook ads is they allow you to use multiple pictures in the same ad. It’s actually quite clever as you can set it so that different images appear to different groups of people.

Just be sure to check the guidelines to see what size restrictions apply to Facebook ads to prevent your ad from getting rejected.

The above tips will help you to ensure your ads not only grab your audience’s attention, but will lead to a higher conversion rate. The more ad viewers you can convert into customers, the more revenue you can add to your bottom line.