Facebook Ads for Small BusinessIt’s no secret that images can be much more powerful than the written word when it comes to marketing. However, did you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to use images in your Facebook ad campaigns?

When trying to choose the perfect image for your Facebook ad, there are numerous factors you need to consider. The image you use can literally make or break your campaign.

To help, below you’ll find 3 tips for choosing images for your Facebook ads.

Number-oneChoose an image that isn’t text-heavy

As a general rule, Facebook only allows images that contain up to 20% text. There are some ways users can get around this rule, but it’s advisable not to even try.

It’s already been established that images are more effective than written content, so it makes sense if you’re using one, to keep it as “text-free” as possible.

Any text that is included should basically be either your logo, slogan or information regarding a promotion. Adding “up to 50% off when you order today” for example, is going to add real value to the image.

Number-twoFocus on emotions

One of the leading pieces of advice you’ll come across in marketing today, is to try and make your adverts capture the audience’s emotions. If you can pull on their heart strings, it’s going to significantly boost your ads success.

So, choose an image that appeals to the emotions. Happiness is a particularly effective emotion to display and often proves the most successful in terms of boosting conversions.

Number-threePay attention to the color

One of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing the right image is its color. Remember, Facebook is blue and white. Therefore, you’re going to need to choose an image that contrasts against the sites background. If your own image is blue and white, it’s not going to stand out and users will simply gaze right over it.

Always use an image with contrasting colors too. Not just contrasting against Facebook’s own background, but contrasting colors within the actual image itself. That really helps to grab attention and makes the image stand out from the rest.

There are many more tips that can help you choose the best image for your ad, but these three should help you get off on the right track. It goes without saying the image will need to meet Facebook’s guidelines. If it doesn’t, it will automatically be rejected.