Social Media Planning

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Social Media Planning

We believe that in order for a campaign to be successful careful planning and research on the product and target audience should be done. That is why we at Social Agency invests appropriate amount of time in creating a good and effective strategy before taking your product to the market.

Our methods and strategy have always been successful and hundreds of our clients can attest to its effectivity. Each plan that we create ais guaranteed to give you maximum results for each campaign. We help you get the best number of links and customers through our thorough social media optimization plans and approach.

Skill Set

  • Creative Planning 94% 94%
  • Follower Targeting 90% 90%
  • Research and Data Gathering 92% 92%

Our Process

Discuss and Agree. We follow a set of effective process in producing a good campaign for you. Our team allocates a good amount of time to formulate possible approach that can be used in marketing your products on various social networks. In this stage we make sure that each item present to you is clear and understandable before proceeding.

Design and Create. Once a clear and concrete approach is decided our Social Agency goes on to design the necessary tools and graphic images for the campaign as well create effective marketing methods suitable for your product.

Deploy and Maintain. We publish your campaign on the webs and tracks the results in real-time in order for us to make quick adjustments of the things that are affecting the campaign. The data gathered on this stage can be used for future campaigns or postings on your social network pages to replicate the success or avoid any poor outcome.

Our Packages

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