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Once you build a video content marketing Cincinnati OH it is important that you have a particular objective on your mind for it.

  • What objective is there for your online video?
  • Are you promoting a particular service or product?
  • Would it be generating leads for your organization?
  • Have you consistently incorporated your brand in your video?

Let’s think about this first and have a plan!

After you have determined the purpose then you’ll be able to make a decision on the type of video that could be most appropriate.
A branding video should be engaging and really highlight what your company does. You might want to hire a professional videographer. If you want a videographer referral in the Cincinnati area contact me.

You want to get viewers to interact with your video, so having a call to action at the end is imperative. Get them to click on a link to take them somewhere. This could be to answer a poll, visit your website or they could click to get a coupon or a discounted service.

Lead generation videos are usually more targeted and have a specific goal. They’re meant to speak directly to a prospect that’s interested in one of your services. Your aim is to get interested prospects calling and turn them into loyal customers.

No matter what type of video you create remember to keep them short. This ensures that your viewers will stay and watch until the end.

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