Brainstorming ideas to make money using your Facebook Business Page can be as simple as looking at what others are doing and figuring out how to do it better. Creating a page to determine what people want and developing a plan of action to deliver the product or service is another good money making idea.

Facebook Business Page

1. Affiliate Marketing:  Building a Facebook page around a specific interest is an effective technique used by affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers can post links to relevant services or products they feel will be helpful to their fans. CPC campaigns can also be promoted using the same technique. Becoming an affiliate for a popular Facebook game is yet another way to make money promoting products on Facebook. If you are considering affiliate marketing on Facebook, remember that Facebook is about sharing quality content first and promoting goods and services second. Spamming fans and friends on a social site is not effective and can damage your reputation. In some cases, it could even get you banned from the site.

2. Selling Products:  With Facebook apps, business owners can turn their pages into online stores. Fans can buy products directly from your Facebook Business Page. Creating iFrames that simply mirror your existing online store with services like is surprisingly easy to do. You can also post links to a separate online store. If you don’t have your own store, consider drop-shipping products so that you are not responsible for stocking physical merchandise. With drop-shipping, you make the sale and deal with the financials, while the merchant or drop-shipper deals with the shipping part.

3. Driving Traffic to Paid Content:  Facebook Business Pages can be used to drive traffic to paid content like e-books and webinars as well. Post snippets of articles that link back to your website to get fans to visit your site. Many successful marketers use this technique to link to an optin page for building their mailing list. You can then follow up with fans via email and build another avenue for an ongoing relationship.

4. Facebook Apps:  Developing apps for niche communities on Facebook can be very lucrative, in terms of brand recognition and sales. If your app becomes popular on Facebook, your name becomes known and more people will visit your website. Launching an affiliate program around your app would also help increase sales and quickly introduce customers to your product. Consider a need that is currently being unfulfilled in the market for a particular community. Then brainstorm ideas for the type of app you would like to create. You can outsource all the actual development to a freelance programmer. You do not have to reinvent the wheel to make money on Facebook. Consider the special communities you belong to and what you can promote to help that group. You may not even have to create a new product if you can find an established quality product or service to promote.