Facebook Business Pages are not like static web pages. They should be updated regularly and contain engaging content. More interaction on your Facebook Business Page means that more people are likely to see the status updates of the Fans who like your content or leave comments about what you’ve posted.

Facebook Business Page

Keeping Your Facebook Business Fans Interested In Your Brand And Message

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    • Links to Relevant Articles:  Articles that pertain to community interests are a great way to provide information and keep people coming back to your page for more. For example, music producers may post a link to the latest concert in their town. A dentist might link to an article about the newest toothbrush on the market. Post informative articles to turn your Facebook Business Page into a trusted resource for relevant information. You can also link to individual blog pages on your website that feature articles. This is a great way to direct traffic back to your site.


    • Videos:  Videos are always fun and engaging content that people love, no matter where you put them. Consider posting YouTube videos from other video producers or upload your own videos on to Facebook. Try using free services like Screenr.com to quickly create screen cast videos that can easily be posted to your Facebook Business Page.


    • Regularly Posted Content / Series:  Developing a regular series is a surefire to way to encourage fans to regularly visit your Facebook Business Page and remain engaged in your brand and content. Consider doing a weekly question and answer show, or a regular series of posts featuring tips and tricks that pertain to your product. Asking questions either during videos or in other updates is a great way to increase comments and likes.


    • Polls or Questionnaires:  Polls allow businesses to assess the interests of their fans and remain on top of current trends in their industry. Be sure to make polls fun and exciting by posting questions about current events or celebrities. Your questionnaires don’t always have to be about your brand or business but are effective when they are relevant to your product.


    • Audio Posts:  Audio posts are another type of dynamic content that can be posted to Facebook Business Pages. Recording messages with free services like Talkaroo.com is easier than you might expect. Link back to your recordings on your website or blog for more traffic. You could even have your own weekly live podcast about industry related news or what is happening in your company. A great idea is to have some type of contest during the podcast for listeners. This will ensure that people listen to your show on a regular basis.


There are so many types of content to share on Facebook that it makes sense to use a mix of different media – text, video, and audio. Used creatively, any business will benefit from constantly engaging fans while discovering their likes and dislikes.