Social-Media-Ideas-GirlPinterest is a relatively new social networking site with a twist.

It’s all about creating and sharing collections of images that you find around the web or create yourself. They call it themselves a “Virtual Pin Board’ and their members use it to organize recipes, plan home improvement projects, share favorite books, plan weddings and more. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Pinterest currently has about 25 million users and about 80% of their audience is female, but there is definitely male representation on the site.


Pinterest Login Screen

If you go to, you can click the “Join Pinterest” button.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be greeted by this message.

Pinterest Login Screen 2


Setting Up Your Account

In order to use Pinterest, you have to either register with a Facebook or Twitter account. They say they do this because they believe it makes it easier for people to find you, cuts down on spam and you can easily share your updates with those sites. It doesn’t matter if you start by registering with Facebook or Twitter, you can link both accounts at a later date.

We’re going to go through the process by signing up with Twitter, so we click “Or sign up with Twitter.”

Don’t worry about Pinterest doing things with your Twitter account that you don’t want it to. You have complete control and if you don’t want Pinterest to update anything on Twitter, you can set it that way too. If it sounds good, click “Sign In” as shown above.

On the next page, you’ll see that Pinterest automatically grabbed your avatar (we’ve blacked out this one for privacy reasons). Then you can choose a username, add your email address and password.

Click “Create Account” when you’re done. Next you’ll be presented with 28 categories that you can choose as being related to your interests. Pinterest uses this information to automatically follow people with common interests. You have to pick at least one category to continue.


When you’re done choosing, click “Follow People” at the bottom of the screen.

On the page page, you’ll be able to see who you are now following and remove them, if you prefer. If everything’s a-okay then you can start creating boards.


On the next page, you’ll see five suggested boards you can create. You can edit these, delete these or do whatever you want. If you’re not sure about all the boards you’re going to create, you can just start with one and add as many as you want later. You can also see further suggestions to the right. If you click one of those, it will automatically be added to your list.



Click “Create” when you’re done deciding on your boards. Again, you can add whatever you want or delete any boards later too. Now you’re ready to get started with Pinterest!