Skype to Skype calls allows you to make free phone calls to anyone else with a computer, a mic and a Skype account, no matter where they are in the world. It’s a great way for businesses or individuals to save money by using voice over IP instead of making expensive phone calls.

Here’s how to make a call from your Skype account to another Skype account.

Step 1: Add New Contact to Skype

In order to contact someone on Skype, you first need to have a friend relationship with them. In other words, you can’t call someone until they’ve “approved” that you can call them.

To add someone as a friend, go to Contacts in the top navigation bar.


Then select New Contact.


Step 2: Search for Your Contact

Type in either the person’s name, email address or Skype username to search for your friend’s account.


Skype will automatically search its database and display a list of all potential matches.

It’ll display the person’s name, Skype name and country, hopefully giving you enough information to be able to tell which one is your friend from all the possible matches.

Select the name of your contact and click “Add Contact.”


Step 3: Write an Introduction (Optional)

If you met the contact some time ago, or if the contact isn’t explicitly expecting you to add them, then it often helps to write an intro reminding them of who you are and where you met.

Click Send to send your friend invitation. Before you can call this person, they have to receive your invitation and then confirm that you’re friends.

Once the two of you are friends, you can easily place a call to one another.

Step 4: Choose Who to Call

Double click on the name of the person you want to call from your contacts list.


Step 5: Select Call

Press the call button from the dialogue box that pops up.

Skype will attempt to make the call connection. You’ll hear a dial tone, then the person on the other end will receive your call and decide whether or not to take your call

If they other person accepts the call, you’ll see the active call dialogue box.

When you’re finished with your, click on the red handset to hang up.


That’s all there is to it! In short, to make a Skype to Skype call, first add the person as a friend and have them accept you as a friend. Then double click on their name in your friends list and select “Call.”


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