Don’t want to actually make a Skype call? Or have a friend who doesn’t have a mic on his or her computer?

You can easily use Skype’s text chat instead. With Skype chat, you can send instant messages, share files between one another and even create your own multi-person chat room right on the spot.

Here’s how to use Skype instant messenger.

Step 1: Choose Who to Chat With

Double click on the name of the person who you want to call.


Step 2: Type in the Chat Box

At the bottom of the box that pops up is a blank box. Type what you want to say in this box and press enter.


Above the box where you type your messages is the chat box. In the chat box, you’ll see what your friend’s said and what you’ve said, along with any other activities like phone calls or files sent and received.

That’s the basics of how to use Skype chat. Next we’ll go over a few other optional features of Skype chat.

Step 3: Insert Smiley Faces

Smiley faces are a great way to add some character to a conversation. Skype’s smiley faces aren’t limited to just faces but include a few symbols as well.

First, click on the smiley symbol on the left. Then select the smiley you want to use. It’ll automatically be inserted into the message box.


Step 4: Send a File on Skype

Want to share a file with a friend? It’s easy. Just click “Send file” above the message box.


Select the file you want to send from the file box that pops up.


Step 5: Add People to Chat

Want to chat with a team or a group of friends instead of just one person? You can. Just click “Add people” to invite others to join your chat.


A box will pop up, where you can select who to invite.

Just highlight the people from your friends list on the left who you want to invite, then click select. If you change your mind about any of them, click remove on the right.

Once you’ve selected everyone who you want to add, click “Add” along the bottom. They’ll all be invited to join your chat room.
That’s how to initiate and use a Skype chat. We’ve also covered how to use smileys, send files and invite more users to the chat room.