Hootsuite is a social media promotion and management tool that allows you to manage many different social media accounts all in one place.

Let’s say you have accounts in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You run a growing business and have to monitor the buzz and social sphere regularly. Instead of having to log into each network separately, Hootsuite will aggregate all your feeds for you in one place.

In addition, you can also post messages to all these different social networks all at once. You can even schedule to be posted at specific times.

Here are some of the main features of Hootsuite, as well as details on its pricing structure.

Note: These prices are valid as of October 2012, prices are subject to change.

Monitor Mentions

When people are talking about your brand, service or product, what are they saying? Are they recommending it or complaining?

With the “monitor mentions” feature, you can easily see who’s talking about you and what they’re saying.


Update Multiple Networks

Hootsuite allows you to update multiple social media networks all at the same time. No logging in and out or managing different tabs. The whole process of posting to 5 different social networks can take as little as 10 seconds.


Comprehensive Mobile App

Hootsuite has a comprehensive mobile app that allows you to view streams for each of your social networks, as well as send messages while on the go.


Customizable Streams and Views

Want to view a stream of just Facebook photos? You can. Want to view just a stream of mentions on Twitter? You can.

Your panels and views are fully customizable. You can add streams to monitor or delete streams you’re monitoring with the click of a button.


Schedule Your Messages

You don’t have to be at the computer every time you want to send a message. In fact, you can batch upload all of the week or month’s updates all at once with the scheduling feature.


Track Statistics (Pro Subscription)

Want to know how many people are clicking through to your links? Hootsuite has its own analytics system and can also integrate with Google Analytics.


Team Member and Task Collaboration (Pro + $15 / Member)

If you have a social media team that needs to work together on product launches or brand management, Hootsuite can support that with its team tools.


Hootsuite Pricing Structure

Hootsuite has three primarily price levels: Free Pro and Enterprise.

The free version gets basic analytics, 5 social profiles, two RSS feeds and has to view advertisements.Hootsuite

The pro version sees no ads, can connect to unlimited social media accounts, has unlimited RSS feeds and a much higher level of analytics.

Furthermore, Hootsuite also has an enterprise level solution, meant for large businesses with large brands they need to manage.

The enterprise solution includes 30 team members, high level of support and several other exclusive features. The enterprise solution is $1,499 a month.


These are the main features of Hootsuite and its prices. Ready to get started?