Recently I used the new Questions feature on Facebook to gauge what social media marketing tools are producing business for my fan base.

Business Networking from

Business Networking from

I was not too surprised to see that LinkedIn and Facebook are being used successfully.

LinkedIn Groups

Aside from engaging with your current network of connections on LinkedIn, have you interacted within groups where your prospects might be members? Try this. Join a group that has a large collection of LinkedIn members in your geographic area. Where I am LinkedCincinnati group on LinkedIn is a tremendous group for local professionals to interact.

Now monitor the conversations. Replace with one where you can naturally respond to the topic. Don’t promote your products or services. Consider this a ‘virtual’ cocktail part and you are mingling from one conversation to another. Just give what gems of wisdom you have to offer to the conversation. When you comment, LinkedIn will create a link to your profile so the reader has the opportunity to learn all about you, without you having to do all the talking. You should not expect to get immediate business. This is a relationship building environment. Over time, you will be known within the community and you will be sought out when your products or services are in demand.

What groups do you belong to? Have you developed new business relationships through your group involvement?
Please comment below, and feel free to list good groups you have found.