Blogging-Ideas-GirlMake it easy for people to share your content on Twitter. You can create a “Tweet This” button for any page of your website and this guide will show you how to do it.


To get started, navigate to:

Choose Your Button and Customize

The first thing to do is choose your button. You can choose buttons with a count of tweets or no count, if you prefer.


Now you can customize the text of the tweet, by clicking “Tweet text”. You can have the button pick up the title of the page or you can enter your own custom text. We’ve chosen some custom text.

 Once you have decided on your tweet text, enter the URL of the page you want people to tweet about. You can have the widget pick up the URL from the page you place the code on OR if you want people to tweet another page, specify the URL below.

Finally, you can choose your language. The default is English, so you only need to customize this if you are using another language. Choosing a language will modify the language that appears on the tweet button.

Recommend People to Follow

You can also optionally include up to two Twitter users in the tweet. Their username will appear as @username in the tweet.


Preview & Get Code

You can preview what your button will look like at the bottom of the button creation page. Here’s a preview of our button:


You can also click it to preview the resulting tweet:


And finally, you can grab the code for your website: