PayPal makes it easy to sell gift certificates on your website. You can sell gift certificates at no extra cost; the PayPal fees are exactly the same as a direct purchase.

PayPal will track all the gift certificates that are purchased as well as all the certificates that are redeemed. You’ll get an email each time someone buys a certificate or redeems a certificate.

It’s essentially a free sophisticated gift certificate system you can take advantage of through using PayPal.

Here’s how to create a gift certificate.

Step 1: Click on Merchant Services

Merchant services is where you manage all the services PayPal provides you as an online payment processor. Click on Manage Services to access the menu.


Step 2: Click on Gift Certificate

Click on Gift Certificate under Create Buttons to create a gift certificate.


Step 3: Enter the Shopping URL

Enter the URL of the site where someone can redeem their gift certificate.


Step 4: Specify the Gift Amount

How much do you want your buyers to be able to purchase the gift certificate for? Choose either for PayPal to use their default list of amounts, or to specify your own.


Step 5: Add a Logo (Optional)

If you want to add a bit more personality to your gift certificate, you can add a logo. This will appear on top of your gift certificate to help brand the checkout experience more.


Step 6: Choose Background Color or Theme

Choose a background color that matches your logo or brand “vibe.” There are also a few themes you can choose from, some of which includes an image. For example, the “birthday” theme includes a birthday cake in the background.

Play around with the different colors and themes and find the one that matches your site the best.


Step 7: Preview Your Certificate

Click on “Preview Gift Certificate” to see a preview of how your certificate will look.


Here’s what a preview might look like:


Step 8: Click Create Button and Upload Code

Click on “Create Button” to finish the button creation process.

Copy and paste the code from PayPal to your site editor and upload it.

Congratulations! You’ve created your first gift certificate. Users can now click on the button to order a gift certificate and send it to a friend. They can then use the gift certificate to purchase products on your site at no additional service charge to you.