In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a new Google form.

You will need:

  • A Google Account

Step 1: Log into Account

Log into your Google account or create one if you don’t currently have an account.

Step 2: Navigate To Google Docs

On the main Google page click the “more” dropdown and select “Documents.”

Step 3: Select Doc Type

Click the “create new” dropdown button and select “form”.

Step 4: Name Form and Add Instructions

Click on the included filler text to change the title and the instructions.

Step 5: Add Questions

Add your questions in the text area beside “Question Title” by clicking in that area. Once you click in the box, “Sample Question” disappears. You must type a question for the sample text to disappear permanently.

Step 6: Add Help Text

Click inside the box to add help text such as “Choose up to three of your favorite items.”

Step 7: Select Question Type

This is the section where you will actually choose a format for the answer to your question. For example the answers may be multiple choice, text, a paragraph, check boxes, lists, a numbered scale, or in grid format.

With each option type you choose, you will see a preview to the left of the dropdown.

Step 8: Add Answers

Once you choose the question type, click in the box with the sample answers to replace it with your own answers or reader choices. To add more answers, click in the last box and type in your text.

Step 9: Delete Answer Choices

If you type in answers to your question and then decide you’ve added to many items to choose from, you can delete any unwanted answer choices by mousing over and clicking the X at the end of the answer.

Step 10: Choose Requirement

Depending on the type of form you create, there may be questions that must be answered and others, which are optional. After each question that requires an answer, check the “Make this a required question” box and click done when finished.

Step 11: Insert New Questions And Make Edits

To add additional questions to your form, go to a completed question and click the duplicate button on the far right. Then edit the new section as desired. Note that the edit buttons “follow” your cursor so just mouse over any section and click on the “pencil” button to edit, the “papers” button to duplicate and the “trash can” button to delete.


If you need to edit the form after you’ve closed the “create new form” screen, look in your list of docs and open the form. It will open as a spreadsheet. To edit, click the “Form” tab to access the tools and make the changes needed.

Be sure to click the save button in the top right before closing the popup screen.

Step 12: Sharing Your Form

You may share your form by emailing it or embedding in a page. To email, click the button and fill in the email info.

To embed, click the “More actions” tab. Click “Embed” and copy the embed code from the popup. Place the code in the page where you would like the form to appear.