Analyze what happens when visitors come to your website.

Replace with out how they get to your website, which pages they are most frequently viewing, which pages they visit, how often they buy and more.



You can do this with a variety of tools including:

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  • The website statistics provided by your web host.
  • Services like Google Analytics that give you detailed data about your visitors behavior.
  • Services like Crazy Egg that create a heat map that shows where your visitor are spending more time and clicking.
  • Try click tracking services like Your Ad Tracker or your own shopping cart may include some click tracking.

Statistics like this help you understand a whole lot about how your website is performing for example:

  • How many visitors you have in a given month, particular day, etc.
  • Which days and times are most popular.
  • Where your visitors are coming from.
  • How long they are staying on your site.
  • How many pages they view before leaving.
  • Whether or not they’re coming back.
  • How many new and repeat visitors you’re receiving.
  • Which keyphrases they are entering into search engines to find your site.
  • Which pages are most popular.
  • Which products they spend the most time on.
  • Which pages they enter from most frequently.
  • Which pages they exit from your site most frequently.
  • Geographic location of your visitors.
  • Which operating systems and web browsers they are using to access your website.
  • Which links they are clicking.


This information allows you to make many adjustments including:

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  • Knowing which pages are most popular allows you to maximize your selling opportunities on these pages.
  • Knowing where your visitors are leaving your website allows you to plug any possible links (of course, if they’re leaving to click and Adsense ad or visit an affiliate site, that’s a good thing).
  • Knowing where on a page the majority of your visitors are drawn to, you can readjust and maximize your results.
  • Knowing how long visitors view a page can help you analyze the effectiveness of the page itself.
  • which links are being clicked on can tell you what offers your visitors are interested in and gives you a chance to test different approaches to making offers.



…and the opportunities are endless from what you discover when you analyze.