We invest a lot of time into designing, writing and building out our websites and Facebook pages. We can measure some results by how much traffic we have or how many Likes we received. And though I’m a huge fan of Facebook, there is a key piece to the puzzle you should not overlook.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, using a service like AddressTwo, Constant Contact or MailChimp has two primary advantages.

  1. Capturing an email address is gold when it comes to internet marketing. It is the direct line into the prospects mailbox. With an email marketing program like one of the aforementioned services, you would create an Opt-In subscription box which you can use on both your website and your Facebook page. From there the visitor opts in to your mailing list, essentially requesting you to educate them on your industry and expertise.
  2. The second reason is that you have direct access to continue to build your relationship. You don’t have to rely on them revisiting your site, you can email them and invite them back for particular content. It’s a great way to distribute your blog content. Just put the beginning of a blog post in and then link back to the article on your website. Now you’re driving traffic to your site and continuing to build your relationship. Many sites offer something for free to entice them to submit their email address. But if you can only offer a regular mailing of educational and informational content, then that is okay. You can develop a freebie as you grow in your marketing efforts.


We’ll be discussing the variety of content and the frequency in later posts. For now, be sure to register for an email service, I’ve provided links to my affiliate accounts and would be happy to help you execute your new email marketing strategy.

How often do you send emails? Which services have you used and why do you like them? Please leave a comment.