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Is your website just a pretty face?

More than ever, the content on your site and in your social media marketing will either rank you higher when potential customers search for your services, or you’ll be pushed to the bottom.  If your content is full of fluff, lacks key information, and doesn’t hold attention, the incoming traffic to your site will suffer.

Newly launched search engine algorithms are designed to recognize quality website content, whether on your website, social media, and inbound links from other sites, marketing articles, and blogs.  Writing content that is also search engine and people friendly is an art that requires the creativity and expertise of a professional.  All the sparkle of a flashy website falls flat when the content is boring, without natural conversation flow, and overstuffed with keywords.  People make almost instant decisions about your website content and whether it’s worth their time, which is why well-written and researched content is critical to your website’s marketing mission.

We do Website Content for you!

Our Professional Copywriter specializes in writing SEO content that resonates with natural speech patterns, selling psychology, and buyer motivational triggers that is also keyword rich.  The whole reason to have quality website content is to compel the reader to action – to opt in to your email list, pick up the phone to make an inquiry, or to purchase goods and services.  You also want to make sure your content rings true to your brand identity, philosophy, and with your USP (unique selling proposition) clearly communicated so people know what makes your business special.

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