Internet Marketing Puzzle

There are 5 Key Pieces to the Internet Marketing Puzzle.  It’s why we came up with the internet marketing package, which addresses each key piece to the puzzle.

  1. Content – Content is King. Nothing works online without it. Websites, Email and Social Media marketing will have no effect without it. It’s the food that prospects and customers need to improve their businesses. It allows you to be a thought leader in your industry. It allows you to educate your prospects and customers. It’s the reason people keep coming back. If they keep coming back, sooner or later they will do business with you. Content is the most important piece of the internet marketing puzzle.
  2. Website -Your website needs to be a good place for content reside. It needs to be easily searched. It needs to be categorized. It needs to be easily shared between platforms (i.e. From articles on your website to linked teasers on your social media sites.) With just content and a website the only way your articles will be found is through search engines. This is a build it and they will come strategy, which isn’t a very good strategy at all.
  3. Bulk Email Software -Bulk email software allows you to communicate to prospects and customers as to what kind of content you have on your website. It also allows you to brand yourself while doing so. If your content is good; people will stay subscribed.
  4. Social Media -Social Media allows you to communicate to your prospects and customers just like email but it has two very important attributes that email marketing does not. Social media allows for a two way conversation with your prospects and customers. It also allows you to have your messages spread virally to people who are liking, following or connecting with you on social media. You share your message with them and can share the message with their networks and on and on.
  5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software – A CRM system comes into play when people start showing up to read the content on your website, getting there from search engines, email marketing, and social media updates. The CRM system allows you to collect information from those who are highly interested in your content. When a prospect or customer shows interest in a specific topic and take action by subscribing to a certain information channel, then triggered emails can be sent. The triggered emails will then move the prospects down your sales funnel from a lead to hot lead to customer and finally to a brand advocate. The CRM system also allows you to work smarter with the information that is contained within each history entry of past emails sent, past conversation notes, etc. It allows you to call on the people who are truly interested in you. The CRM system also allows you be on the same page and sharing the same information with all of your key personnel.

Many people in the internet marketing world provide one of these key pieces to the puzzle. It is Westwood Virtual Associates’ view that you need one trusted advisor to handle all 5 pieces for you.

Internet Marketing Packages

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