Joanne Westwood

Certified: Social Media Specialist / Internet Marketing Specialist

I have always been told I was a collector of friends. With the advent of social media, that process was turbocharged. I was working in the senior service industry and researching an opportunity to engage with the boomer population. We wanted to provide social activity opportunities and recognized that the boomers were aging differently at previous generations. They were more fit, living longer, and postponing the need to use a senior center until much later in in life.

Facebook came out and I recognized the benefit of creating a virtual senior center which could network boomers with similar interests together to find a hiking buddy, dinner companion or group trips to see America.

Social media and internet presence will allow you to expand your market substantially. I love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs and helping them understand the various sites and teach them the change of process and messaging that is common and considered best practices online.I really enjoy introducing clients to new technology that can help them be more productive.

I live alone with two furry feline companions: Sweetie Pie and DingaLing. I love spending time with friends and meeting virtual connections offline!

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